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Make 2021 the year to take panel building to the next level!

Author: John Boynton

If there’s anything we have learnt from the past year, it’s that the daily processes we once relied upon are not always going to be as efficient or sustainable in the rapidly changing environment. To ensure future resilience and agility, we must move towards a digital transformation of the whole value chain.

We have gathered 3 blogs to give you a step in the right direction and make 2021 your year for digital transformation!

1. Optimising operations and removing bottlenecksGUTVC blog

Optimising the performance of a company is no easy task at the best of times, but when you are operating in a new and challenging environment, it can become both a minefield and a race against the clock. This blog takes you through the first steps to optimise your value chain and prepare for the future.

Optimise operations


2. Applications that help improve your business value chainEPaas_FINAL_ONE_RITTAL_LOOP

By adopting value-enhancing engineering methods you are able to create a sound foundation for all efficiency improvements. In this blog post we discuss some of the most important elements that can help you to improve your business’ value chain, from drawings and wiring, through to testing and end-documentation.

Improve your business value chain


3. Minimise The Misery of ModificationsPanel building

Last-minute modifications are a panel builder’s worst nightmare! But what if we told you we had the solution? By using a 3D functionality in CAE software, the design engineer can work out exactly where the new parts should be placed, minimising the risk of later modifications in production. Find out more in the latest blog post:

Minimise the misery of modifications


Discover how EPLAN and Rittal can deliver major productivity enhancements in your business, by requesting a meeting/demonstration. Get the opportunity to sit down with both companies to explore your winning combination that will not only improve efficiencies in your department, but through the whole business. 

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